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A collection of projects that started in my man cave

Paint… what a bitch

Following on from my previous posts I figured I'd post a little update on the paint project. It's not going well. After much experimenting, testing, sanding, painting, buffing I keep running into problems. The priming stage is fine, and went... Continue Reading →


RFID & Wireless Ignition – An ‘Idiots’ Dream…

So to start this post I think I might need a disclaimer. I am not a medical professional, I am not recommending this to anyone, DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME! A month or two ago I converted my bike... Continue Reading →

My CNC adventure

Right, being a massive motorcycle enthusiast, I find that I want to make lots of different parts as I can't get everything stock - and when I can it's more fun to make it if I can. In the past... Continue Reading →

The Fender

So, now the side covers are cut and ready it was time to prep the last piece, the front fender. I picked up one from Ebay in good nic for £31 perfect for a chop. I liked the idea of... Continue Reading →

Side covers…

After starting on my tank it quickly occurred to me I could just spray the tank but I'm balls deep at this point. If it goes right, I want to do everything all at once, not the tank, then the... Continue Reading →

Dents… those little f**kers

Following from the stripping of the tank it was now time to address the dents in my tank. Unfortunately I found two. One on the top as I expected, the other underneath the left side tank badge. Now the principle of filling... Continue Reading →

Bring me the stripper!

Following on from my successful test on the cowl and after a couple of weeks with it sitting sweetly on the rear of my bike I began to ponder a plan. I felt I could probably do a proper paint job... Continue Reading →

To paint or not to paint…

After a few years with my bonneville I started to look at the much loved but slightly boring black paint and thought it might be time for a change. I was very keen to give my bike a new lease on... Continue Reading →

Triumph, my other mistress.

I fell in love with the Triumph Bonneville after a short stint in Australia traveling up/down the coast on a gleaming white T100 with Mrs in tow. No bike has since has given me more joy or pain. When returning to the... Continue Reading →

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