I started my painting journey back in August/September 2016. Needless to say it hasn’t been a pleasant journey. I started, then gave up, sent it to a painter who then sent it back. I then sent it to another painter who ripped me off and did such a bad job I felt the only option was to preserver and do it myself.

It’s cost me hundreds, I’d guess around £500 and a huge amount of time, but an end is in sight.

I now have the front fender, rear fender, 2 side panels, a cowl and bolts – repainted for the third time.

IMG_6754.jpg Rather than go completely back to primer I wet sanded every item up from 180-1500. needless to say it took ages.

At this point – I had just been robbed of my hard earned cash, and at breaking point with dust everywhere. I was very tempted too just send it to another painter and had a guy to mind but lack of money meant I’d have to delay by another 6 months. However my wife-to-be talked me up and said why not try again (boy has she some patience). So I went on and figured I’d test my skills on the front fender. It was the easiest part to sand…

I painted it blue, masked it up and did the gold lines.


It came out almost perfect – bar a small scratch/dent at the top. I managed to patch this up and continue. I first thought I could use spray clear coat right from the can – I bought 3 tins of this stuff and it went on perfectly.

Shame it’s not petrol proof…. so back to the Mix it yourself stuff, whilst this went on well it didn’t come out as well as the can.

Fast forward lots more sanding, another tin of blue paint and lots of swearing, blue dust and a house that stinks of paint. All the above parts were complete.

Onto the tank.

Man do I hate the tank.

I think the first problem was the old paint job. Whilst I spent around 2 hours sanding it, I didn’t quite remove the old paint where the detail was. This meant a faction of a mm showed through the blue paint – 2/3 coats later I managed to remove this. I had this twice even when I thought I was rid of it. I ended up taking wet 1000 grit to it in an orbital sander which cured it. The gold bits you see needed the be super sanded.


The second issue which I faced was the logos – the fist lot of vinyl was too small. The second time it was the correct size, but did not have the flexibility required to go around the curves of the tank. This meant no proper seal which meant paint would run – so no good. To get around this I got the letters done separately (that came with the first lot of vinyl) and applied them. Perfect….



But they were too small, and my tank is blue, I want the letters to be gold…

You might see where this is going… Yep you guessed it – that meant the tank that has been masked twice and sprayed blue 3 TIMES! now needs to be gold. BALLS!


Now rather than go all over I just sprayed the  sides then masked up – this did however make masking it way easier, I just had to get the logos in the correct place and mask my lines with clean edges.


After making sure everything is stuck down really well and heating the stickers to remove any air pockets and stretch it was time to blast it with blue.


Damn she looks pretty now… Finally a good result and just at the right time as I’m almost out of blue paint.

The next step will be for clear coat – both the underside and the top.