It’s my belief that bikes should be minimalistic. If it’s sticking out too far, it’s in the way. This has led me to change my indicators many times.

As people will have noticed I have some cool indicators on the front of my forks. I like the fact they can be seen from the sides even though it’t not required. However on the negative I’m not sure they are the brightest and they are somewhat flimsy just stuck to the forks.

This got me thinking could I make something better?

As I bought a CNC miller and had been having a play with wood, I felt maybe it’s time to have a crack at aluminium. I came up with a little design for a bracket that would sit behind the rectifier and mount 2 of the indicators used on the rear light project.

I got the digital calliper out and made some rough measurements. The rectifier is approx 11x8cm and the holes spaces 8cm apart. I just had to drop the lights beneath this. The bolts are around 4mm but I made the holes 8mm so there would be play and the LED’s light barrel is around 10mm.

Here comes a quick mock up in fusion 360 (awesome bit of software and free for hobbyists like me).

Here was my initial design.


It’s not ground breaking but essentially a 1mm thick plate with 2 ears and 4 holes.

When it came to milling I took things slow, overall the first take took around a hour with 2 runs. Although I have done some work on the milling machine I’m still getting accustomed to fusion 360 and all the variables you have to input when creating tool paths so am still making mistakes.

I used double sided tape to tack my design down, but think clamps would give better results. I would add the cutting video here, but it’s rather boring, so here is a snap of the bracket just off the mill.


It turned out well, other than the ears got chopped off where I had the wrong setup – I will cut another sometime as this was my test of concept.

Next comes fitting it behind the rectifier.


Fits like a glove! I then tested the indicators.


Now I’m currently waiting on paint to finish this project off so will follow up, but I’d be keen to get anyones thoughts or feedback?