As my paint still isn’t sorted I got twitchy and wanted to improve my custom tail light from stock.

First off, I should mention I first did my tail light over 2 years ago. I stuck on a lucas light with custom indicators and wired it all up – and did a pretty good job. A few months prior to this blog I took that off and installed a FEK and LED tail bar – like cognito moto sell for $400 – but it only cost me about £60 to make.

Here is a pic before doing anything:


As you can see, the original is pretty big and an improvement to stock, but it could be better.

To make the new one, I purchased a FEK kit from Square deals for about £45 – it was quite expensive for 3 bits of metal – one if which I didn’t use due to having indicator ears – I ended fabing my own using sheet aluminium.

The LED strip light is fitted on a third bracket and I ran the running lights below, both lights are easily available on ebay for about £2 – however it didn’t work too well as the strip was too long and rubbing up the frame.

(Wiring diagram is below)


After a couple of weeks I sourced a smaller/brighter LED strip that fitted between the seat bolts – I had to make some minor changes to the bracket using the old angle grinder but here is take 2:

Whilst this light bar did have indicators I did not feel they were very bright enough, so I made some adjustments and added truck markers to the actual frame – it was as simple as removing the bungs/drilling them/drill the frame and feed the wires, sealing – then wire them into my plug.

This is finished off nicely with a more traditional plate.


Please remember if converting an original 2010 bonnie to LED you need to change the relay CF13 JL02 relay – and will need to swap the connectors around, and fit diodes to your indicator wires going to your speedometer. If your making your own wiring harness, you will want 2.8mm mini connectors – these can be found from any good electrical/automotive wholesaler

Wiring digram:

  • Red – Brake
  • White – Running
  • Yellow/Green – Indicators
  • Black – Ground