So to start this post I think I might need a disclaimer. I am not a medical professional, I am not recommending this to anyone, DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!

A month or two ago I converted my bike from a standard key ignition to a wireless ignition setup that uses RFID tags – like you might have on an office building etc. I did this as I wanted to move my ignition, but the brackets sold were not suitable in my eyes.

I will do a writeup on that project shortly. Needless to say it was awesome – not only did I get the chance to remove my stock headlight ears, relocate the ignition but it gave me something few had and only cost about £50

Anyway I sewed my RFID tag into my glove, but this was very annoying as it meant every time I wanted to start the bike I had to have my gloves on – sometimes it needs a gentle warm up prior to helmet going on – so I found this a little frustrating.

Then my mind went and did something stupid – I thought – what if I had the chip sewn into my hand…

I ran the idea past the Mrs, who preceded to call me a fking idiot.

The next day I rang a vet… as the chip is very similar to that a dog/cat had implanted. They politely told me to FK off that I was mental.

The following day I went to a tattooist and piercer – who said it can be done but they won’t do it.

No DR/Nurse would be interested which I found disappointing – and ethically challenging.

Back to square one. Never been one to give up, how about DIY…. Back to ebay… it’s amazing what you can get on ebay.

The first issue is I needed to get something into my hand – logically this needed to be sharp – logically they do this all the time to animals – so lets start there.

I managed to get complete needle and chip set – for £5. Brand new and importantly sterilised!


When the needle came I was surprised to it’s size.. pretty big… (thats it next to my thumb)


The issues with this is that animal RFID chips are 134MHZ – not 125MHZ which is the frequency my bike runs on, so would I’d need to replace the chip.

The chip I sewed into the glove was really small – 6x1mm – tiny but too small for the syringe. The other issue with this is that the smaller the chip, the lower the range. I purchased a 12mm x 2.12mm chip separately and it was a perfect fit.

This is where it all gets a bit fun and the chip goes into my hand.


  1. All the surfaces were cleaned.
  2. Both myself and assistant thoroughly washed our hands.
  3. We did a dry test run to ensure we were on the same page.
  4. Prior to shooting the video I programmed the bike to the chip and tested it.
  5. Prior to shooting the video, we removed the animal 134MHZ chip and put the new 125mhz chip into the syringe – we also sterilised the chip in surgical spirit and all items used.
  6. I am not a medical professional and did this at my own risk.

A picture says a thousand words so here is the video of the procedure –

Now here is the result