So, now the side covers are cut and ready it was time to prep the last piece, the front fender. I picked up one from Ebay in good nic for £31 perfect for a chop. I liked the idea of a bobbed front fender but these are not great at doing their job so I opted for a god old trim.

Once cleaned up and washed the process starts with masking the where you want the cuts; I did this by using frog tape – a brand of masking tape. I did this in situ on the bike then clamped it down for cutting.

I did my masking by eye, then did a check using a measure – it was really easy to get a good straight line and within 10min I had my markings.

Once happy I took an angle grinder to it this was a bit heavy handed for plastic but it cut a good straight line when used with carbon cutting discs.

2 cuts later and we have a much shorter fender…

Looking good it just needs to be tidied up and edges softened. So back off the bike I used tape to mark my lines the took a dremel sanding roll to it.  I could have used the angle grinder but wary one wrong move would wreck the project.

Back on the bike to test

Now I have the shape as I want it, it was time to smooth the edges I had a three part process.

  1. Smooth the line as best possible with the dremel removing any larger high spots
  2. Take the air powered 75mm orbital sander to them – 80 grit, then 240 – this gives it a good flat finish.
  3. Hand sand and smooth the lines, using 120 then 240 grit sand paper

After a quick go over with 600 grit it’s ready to prime