I fell in love with the Triumph Bonneville after a short stint in Australia traveling up/down the coast on a gleaming white T100 with Mrs in tow. No bike has since has given me more joy or pain.


When returning to the UK, I vowed I’d buy another and within 6 months of returning I picked up a stock 2010 EFI model in black. I drove from Cheltenham to Liverpool to collect it and rode it home in the pissing wet and cold.

Since that day in 2014 I have spent many hours in my garage working on it. I can’t count all the modifications done, but some include;

  • Re-mapping and engine performance mods
  • Complete LED conversion
  • Handeling & suspension modification
  • Swapping the chain drive to belt driven
  • Changing the speedo from a mechanical drive to digital
  • Keyless ignition

The list goes on and on but I will be writing a number of posts about previous and new projects.

Here is a picture the day of collection.


and here is one taken a few weeks back