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A collection of projects that started in my man cave

How to upgrade your CNC with a water cooled spindle. 2.2kw of POWER

Hi Guys, it's been a while since I've posted anything on the blog. It seems I have a few too many projects on at one time. Anyway here is a write up of an upgrade I made to my Shapeoko... Continue Reading →


Paint, Paint. PAINT

I started my painting journey back in August/September 2016. Needless to say it hasn't been a pleasant journey. I started, then gave up, sent it to a painter who then sent it back. I then sent it to another painter... Continue Reading →

S**t the bed – My CNC has a new bed

I'm loving my cnc adventure, but I was really struggling with the stock bed - not only did it flex but each time I stuck something down I ended up peeling away some MDF. I went on my way to... Continue Reading →

STOP! Braking upgrades

Many people will be aware the braking on a stock bonneville isn't great, it's even worse if you found some extra horses. It's pretty widely accepted and allot of folk I know have upgraded their stock pads to something like... Continue Reading →

Milling – Lets gett accurate Datum…

Right, this post is technical. If you don't know what a datum is it's time for some education. My understanding of a datum is a point which is referred to, now when that comes to milling it could be the... Continue Reading →

January Update – Lights, Hydraulic clutches and Milling

Evening all, I haven't been posting recently due to the holidays, however I have a number of posts coming. Here is a bit of what I've been up to. I installed a hydraulic clutch onto my Bonneville I changed the... Continue Reading →

Nest – Lets make a stand

So I have a one of those Fancy Next thermostats - I got it from┬ámy electricity provider free a few years back, but I was never given a stand for it. It's been stuck to a little wooden box. I... Continue Reading →

Indicators… how small can I go? pt1

It's my belief that bikes should be minimalistic. If it's sticking out too far, it's in the way. This has led me to change my indicators many times. As people will have noticed I have some cool indicators on the... Continue Reading →

Let there be light(s)…

As my paint still isn't sorted I got twitchy and wanted to improve my custom tail light from stock. First off, I should mention I first did my tail light over 2 years ago. I stuck on a lucas light... Continue Reading →

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